c4e2d13d7780929721a016d854b3d9e1f450cc43 — Stephen Paul Weber 8 years ago f28ede8
Fix message size for /help
1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

M Main.hs
M Main.hs => Main.hs +3 -3
@@ 656,13 656,13 @@ processSMS db toVitelity toComponent componentHost conferenceServers tel txt = d
					"Invite to group: /invite phone-number\n",
					"Show group participants: /who\n",
					"Set nick: /nick nickname\n",
					"List groups: /list"
					"List groups: /list\n",
					"Create a group: /create short-name"
			writeStanzaChan toVitelity $ mkSMS tel $ fromString $ mconcat [
					"Create a group: /create short-name\n",
					"Join existing group: /join group-name\n",
					"Whisper to user: /msg username message\n",
					"Leave group: /leave",
					"Leave group: /leave\n",
					"More info: http://cheogram.com"
		Nothing -> writeStanzaChan toVitelity $ mkSMS tel (fromString "You sent an invalid message")