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New homepage and mailing list workflow
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M cheogram.cabal
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Bridge between XMPP MUC and SMS.
Part of the soprani.ca family of projects.

Please report bugs and send patches to dev@singpolyma.net or join us in xmpp:discuss@conference.soprani.ca?join
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M cheogram.cabal => cheogram.cabal +4 -4
@@ 4,14 4,14 @@ cabal-version:   >= 1.14
license:         OtherLicense
license-file:    COPYING
category:        Network
copyright:       © 2015-2017 Stephen Paul Weber
copyright:       © Stephen Paul Weber
author:          Stephen Paul Weber <singpolyma@singpolyma.net>
maintainer:      Stephen Paul Weber <singpolyma@singpolyma.net>
stability:       experimental
tested-with:     GHC == 7.6.3
synopsis:        Groupchat for everyone!
homepage:        https://github.com/singpolyma/cheogram
bug-reports:     https://github.com/singpolyma/cheogram/issues
homepage:        https://git.singpolyma.net/cheogram
bug-reports:     mailto:dev@singpolyma.net
build-type:      Simple
        Bridge between XMPP MUC and SMS.

@@ 53,4 53,4 @@ executable cheogram

source-repository head
        type:     git
        location: git://github.com/singpolyma/cheogram.git
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        location: https://git.singpolyma.net/cheogram
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