Always use line buffering, even when redirected to file

Makes logging work better :)
Incoming deltachat message is of type=chat
Split out useful helper
Fix line lengths
Upstream changed from strict
Render JID as "name" in email
renderAddressSpec is exported upstream now
Send along message id as stanza origin-id (XEP-0359)
Send nick from email From header
Add Jabber-ID header
Switch to using = for escaping

% means something historically, and while we can set ourselves up to use
it safely it might make someone grumpy
Add default subject and Chat-Version header
Add Date header, from delayed deliver if present else now
Helper to use rerun for continuous local testing in development
Baseline bidirectional working for text bodies
Need internal for gateway too
Use available UTF-8 locale
Import new Internal module for stanzaToElement
Enable UTF-8 locale in CI, build everything before running tests
Update tests for released network-protocol-xmpp