XMPP to SMTP bridge
Never include SMIL, even if marked as attachment
Plain text attachment might be body of MMS

You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

This is an XMPP to SMTP bridge. Very pre-release and not at all done.

#Main Instance

If you want to use this, you should probably use the instance at smtp.cheogram.com


If you want to install this yourself, you may compile from source or grab binaries from CI: https://builds.sr.ht/~singpolyma/cheogram-smtp

The gateway binary must run all the time as an XEP-0114 component. Usage:

./gateway component.hostname xmpp.server.hostname xep0114-port xep0114-secret /path/to/sendmail jid@of.incoming-email

The incoming-email binary expects emails on STDIN and sends them over XMPP to the gateway. Usage:

./incoming-email jid@of.incoming-email password component.hostname recipient1@of.email ... < email

#Getting Help

If you have any questions about this library, or wish to report a bug, please send email to: dev@singpolyma.net


If you have code or patches you wish to contribute, the maintainer's preferred mechanism is a git pull request. Push your changes to a git repository somewhere, for example:

git remote rename origin upstream
git remote add origin git@git.sr.ht:~yourname/dhall-ruby
git push -u origin master

Then generate the pull request:

git fetch upstream master
git request-pull -p upstream/master origin

And copy-paste the result into a plain-text email to: dev@singpolyma.net

You may alternately use a patch-based approach as described on https://git-send-email.io

Contributions follow an inbound=outbound model -- you (or your employer) keep all copyright on your patches, but agree to license them according to this project's COPYING file.