ref: 9ea817ff120c18e3fef556ea39b579e1e45f72e4 cheogram-sip/cheogram-sip.cabal -rw-r--r-- 1.6 KiB
Loosen some dependencies
Remove unused dependencies
Update Base

The version of base specified isn't available on my system, so when I
updated it (and a few other libraries when they also errored) it now
seems to have built fine.

So it must be fine!
Outbound calls work
Fallback to direct initiate when no Jingle Message Initation support

Check for a message initiation supporting resource, if none then send to the
most available resource.

TODO: Should only send to most available resource that supports jingle rtp audio.
Initial commit

This code is garbage and will have to be rewritten.

When paired with the Asterisk setup, inbound calls to sip:some%40jid@server.tld
end up as working Jingle calls (tested only with Conversations) to the target

Declining the call, hanging up, and errors from calling bad JIDs all are handled.