Remove any possible dupes when recording a rename
Loosen version restriction on base
Handle incoming stanzas one-by-one

We are sharing the sqlite connection everywhere and may be seeing race
conditions.  At least until we can rule that out, let's be safe and only process
stazas one-by-one instead of in infinite threads.
Keep knowledge of a ghost as long as possible

INSERT the ghost before we actually join them to the room. Only DELETE them
after we get the self-presence about them leaving.

Do not INSERT and join when we get presence errors or presence unavaiable!
If a ghost has leaked through, remove it
Small tweaks to the README improvements
Merge branch 'improve-readme' of https://tildegit.org/southerntofu/cheogram-muc-bridge

* 'improve-readme' of https://tildegit.org/southerntofu/cheogram-muc-bridge:
  Improve README, update example config, and include SQL schema
Better example pattern, the one for IRC
example was missing db
Allow specifying nickLength for a MUC
c82e0eea — southerntofu 2 years ago
Improve README, update example config, and include SQL schema
Store rewritten nick after full join
Custom tag per source and nick char filter for target
Detect ghost presence from DB instead of by looking for tag in nick
Remove stale nicks that are no longer present on other side after restart