Allow no subscript
Don't leave if just renaming
Only ping current-version nicks
Remove any possible dupes when recording a rename
Loosen version restriction on base
Handle incoming stanzas one-by-one

We are sharing the sqlite connection everywhere and may be seeing race
conditions.  At least until we can rule that out, let's be safe and only process
stazas one-by-one instead of in infinite threads.
Keep knowledge of a ghost as long as possible

INSERT the ghost before we actually join them to the room. Only DELETE them
after we get the self-presence about them leaving.

Do not INSERT and join when we get presence errors or presence unavaiable!
If a ghost has leaked through, remove it
Small tweaks to the README improvements
Merge branch 'improve-readme' of https://tildegit.org/southerntofu/cheogram-muc-bridge

* 'improve-readme' of https://tildegit.org/southerntofu/cheogram-muc-bridge:
  Improve README, update example config, and include SQL schema
Better example pattern, the one for IRC
example was missing db
Allow specifying nickLength for a MUC
c82e0eea — southerntofu 2 years ago
Improve README, update example config, and include SQL schema
Store rewritten nick after full join
Custom tag per source and nick char filter for target