Do not hide the command UI during an active session

Can happen if we re-detect that the contact does not support command UI (or that
we don't know it does due to not being in roster / getting removed from roster)
but the session was opened using an in-message button or similar.
refresh gets called too often, only refresh commands on demand

But do still call a full refresh on manual service discovery.
Add monochrome icon version for A13
Show the name of the sender in search results

Just like a MUC, search results lack the context to be sure who sent a message,
so show the name in the result item.
Fix some of the onboarding copy
This is probably more useful link
We implement all these XEPs
Add command list screenshot
If starting a command, make sure we are showing commands here
Handle prev from completed or canceled properly

Still show the close button (not a cancel button) on a completed or canceled
flow that supports prev.
Merge tag '2.10.10'

* tag '2.10.10':
  version bump to 2.10.10 + changelog
  pulled translations from transifex
  bump guava library
  use custom libwebrtc (m104) for playstore release
  minor code clean up
  Use the same mechanism for link copying and linkification (#4357)
  Update recommendations for Gajim (#4355)
  Add fastlane changelog (#4354)
Fix crash when menuInfo has no useful position
DIRECTORY_DOCUMENTS was added in sdk19
Class-based getSystemService reuires newer android apis
1aaff18b — Daniel Gultsch a month ago
version bump to 2.10.10 + changelog
7b9cf7bb — Daniel Gultsch a month ago
pulled translations from transifex