b00b8996 — Daniel Gultsch 2 years ago
bump gradle version and agp
06fbb06a — Maximilian Weiler 2 years ago
Remove unused import
ef8f10cc — Maximilian Weiler 2 years ago
Optionally prevent taking screenshots

- Add setting to prevent screenshots
- Enforce using FLAG_SECURE in onResume for each activity
b6fe1898 — Millesimus 2 years ago
Minor duplication fix.
955a6f3f — Millesimus 2 years ago
Bugfix for 6cc06bcb98acc05c7677c642adf8ded90ffc8372.
a0529a4e — Millesimus 2 years ago
On quoting, translate French quotes to XEP-0393 quotes.
2db2ca95 — Millesimus 2 years ago
Move differentiation between XEP-0393 quotes and French quotes to QuoteHelper.
a0bca089 — Millesimus 2 years ago
Rewrite QuoteHelper to integrate French quotes logics. Also reallow QuoteChars not followed by whitespace as indicated in XEP-0393.
748443cd — Millesimus 2 years ago
Fixing message preview.
3921f3a9 — Millesimus 2 years ago
QUOTING_MAX_DEPTH=1 for transitory compatibility with older versions. QUOTE_MAX_DEPTH=7 for performance testing and hiding of a rerendering bug occuring when two adjacent messages are merged.
c81c8a62 — Millesimus 2 years ago
Small refactoring for a more intuitive config.
e850900b — Millesimus 2 years ago
Quoting quotes, limited by nesting depth.
74d60d01 — Millesimus 2 years ago
Implement nested quotes through iteration.
65a72827 — Millesimus 2 years ago
New helper to help with quotes.
309082a9 — Millesimus 2 years ago
Fixing xmpp:uri bug in channel details. #4139
e528b9f5 — Licaon_Kter 2 years ago
Always show Quote as last action
1e1dad78 — Daniel Gultsch 2 years ago
add .opus file extension to mime table
0e54cde4 — Daniel Gultsch 2 years ago
add omemo media sharing to doap file
b99f9d4f — Alexei Sorokin 2 years ago
make search case-insensitive not only for ASCII
7466d125 — Daniel Gultsch 2 years ago
ring during device discovery