ref: 9f7a9498f941327132774e9c96f689cb64c57bba cheogram-android/.builds d---------
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

* upstream/master: (27 commits)
  show 'using account …' in incoming call screen
  show contact jid in call screen
  bump copyright year
  Add handling of status code 333
  increase default pw length
  do not build emoji flavors
  pulled translations from transifex
  add changelog
  fix ice candidate sending when different credentials are used
  remove security check that ensures rtp connection was properly finished
  code clean up
  bump agp
  store encrypted pgp files in private cache dir
  do not restart wakelock if activity is finishing
  delete pre lolipop weOwnFile()
  use try with resources. remove unused methods
  rename version suffix to playstore/free
  bump appcompat, migrate to emoji2 and get rid of emoji flavor
  fix rare npe
  store recordings and documents in their respective folders
Fix cheogram compat build
Totally optional sentry
Optional sentry support
Get libwebrtc using gradle
Merge remote-tracking branch 'singpolyma/dtmf' into integration2

* singpolyma/dtmf: (145 commits)
  Detect a video call in a consistent way
  Use a boolean for this state
  Switch onClicks to use DataBinding
  Polyfill to allow use on Android 21
  RtpSessionActivity: Fix NPE from using incorrect view id
  Changed dialpad icon to something more recognizable.
  Cleaned up DTMF code and click handling.
  WIP - dialpad and dtmf sending
  flush stanzas in batches
  code clean up in TagWriter
  Fix #4249.
  Clarify build instructions.
  allow verification of own omemo keys via uri
  bump dependencies
  version bump to 2.10.3-beta
  fix precondition for timeout handling
  bump agp version
  pulled translations from transifex
  add Samsung S4 to hardware aec blacklist
  add additional logging to image compression
Use the same debug key every time.
Cheogram build variant with some branding
Set up for CI

Import some build system patches from fdroid.