If onboarding and only 1 conversation, that's where we want to be
Don't archive conversations while onboarding

Anything you have open is essential to the process.
Sort by JID if display names are equal
Track sync attempts per-account

So that one account doesn't override another's attempt to sync
Fix per-account binding on re-binding
Fix race condition on no-double-execute guard
Catch possible race when stopping tone at end of call
Copy to avoid concurrent modification
Disallow pressing actions during loading, do show a patience message
More detail in the unknown viewtype exception

For easier debugging
Get full list of gateway types

Still just use first on the label for now
For some reason this caused all kinds of instability

So back to the old strategy, but if it ends up wrong null it out.
Open sms and tel URI in-app if there is a relevant gateway
Links in tables too
Tap on html:tel or xs:anyURI result field acts as a link
Per-account quiet hours
Show account colour laid onto background as user will actually see it