Can send nick as part of presence
Use libidn for stringprep

Which actually validates according to spec instead of just being lazy.
Only default to new thread when in MUC
postWebMessage requires API 23
Make sure timeout doesn't fire if we get a response and vice versa
120 second timeout for command UI
Allow exploring other channels on the same service as this channel
Allow specifying a timeout for an iq send
Don't crash on bad number in sims
We shouldn't call UI things like switching conversation from another thread
If onboarding and only 1 conversation, that's where we want to be
Don't archive conversations while onboarding

Anything you have open is essential to the process.
Sort by JID if display names are equal
Track sync attempts per-account

So that one account doesn't override another's attempt to sync
Fix per-account binding on re-binding
Fix race condition on no-double-execute guard
Catch possible race when stopping tone at end of call
Copy to avoid concurrent modification