Fdroid people are worried about leaking jids
We went past 100 on pre-release so need to bump
Prevent access to cancelled timer
Don't assume dark background for mismatched encryption

Since we removed those other backgrounds ages ago...
Retry onboarding completion

If anything goes wrong, we just log.  If app got killed in the middle of
the process, we don't notice.  So now instead we retry after 3 seconds
whenever something goes wrong and we retry when the app comes back to
the home screen if it didn't happen yet.  Still careful to only ever do
it once.
Long press send button to send media
818364a1 — Daniel Gultsch 7 months ago
disable opeing ceb files from file manager
c6b836f2 — Daniel Gultsch 8 months ago
play tones as music when silent only on android 12+
Clear thread when unlocking, since auto follow is optional
Auto follow threads in channel optional

Off by default
Re-use existing forked thread when exists

When replying to or mentioning a null-thread message, re-use the thread
id of any existing forked thread from a previous reply to that message
if there is one, so that not everyone replying to a null thread message
ends up generating a new thread when most of the time they mean to all
end up in the same new thread.

Of course user may tap thread icon at any time if they actually want a
second fork.

Mentions still do not generate a new thread since their association is
not tracked, but will follow the forked thread if it exists.
Reset html when resetting body (on MUC reflection)
Build optional splits (fdroid can use these)
Copy in file if we can't read the path
Split space between tall input box and emoji picker better
Find last colon that isn't part of another word
Anything, even newline, can end an emoji search