Send SIMS with hashes and filename
sha-1 is the standard name sha1 is just for bob
Send cid with known URL without uploading
Option to download default stickers and save their cid and url in database
Allow blocking cid thumbnails
Fix for layout race condition
Fix for API less than 24
Better save as sticker, also works for older android versions
Option to clear blocked media
Show block avatar option even when cannot see real jid
33 needs to ask for permission on notifications, wait to see how upsteam handles it
Confirm before blocking avatar
Allow blocking any media

Permanently stores the hash so you never see that media again.
Allow blocking specific avatars (locally)
This makes the notification show up
unread_count should just use primary colour
Don't allow moderating moderated messages or ones without an id
Remove debug logs
Hide avatar, nickname, edit icon when moderated