Show user name in permissions dialog
Allow backspacing into custom emoji

When the platform wants to backspace into an imagespan, remove the span.
Some platforms remove the whole span when you backspace, some don't,
this at least makes it not weird on those that do not.
Allow selecting text and quoting the selection
Remove suggestion and composing spans when making XHTML
Gradle daemon is a pig
Fix for empty SVG
Re-send presence to a MUC if sending custom emoji

To try to bump us up in terms of which client gets IQs so the bob
queries are more likely to come to us.
Smooth over some MUC form differences between ejabberd and Prosody
Remove debug code
It's a reaction even with whitespace
Should come in search for coffee, but is any hot drink
OpenGraph library not using tor right now, so disable when we are
No one wants to wait 30 seconds to send a message
Don't ask to ban if we know they are banned

Which we don't, because we don't store the list of outcast users...
Ask to moderate recent when banning if MUC supports it
Find MUC users by barejid when looking by realjid
Manage permissions with dialog

Instead of submenu, to reduce the chance of fat fingering.
Fix command UI on tablet view
Don't blindly set media deleted flag on all retracted

Since this causes it to render as if it had a deleted file, even if it
never had a file.