Eventually we need to move on

If the timeouts fail and we just get hung, twice as long as the
configured timeout, something has gone horribly wrong and let's just
move on so as not to hang the executor.
Show commands on MUC
Don't try to destroy if not created
If autodownload is enabled, download SVG embeds
Make sure the connection knows the final filename
If we hid the next button, then we have to use button grid
Get more SVGs to fill their area properly
Disable bubble merging

It messes with reply UI, etc
Emit alternate non breaking space in XHTML

I don't love this, but android html rendering hardcodes space collapse
so maybe it's ok for now?
Preserve filenames better
4504953d — Daniel Gultsch 5 months ago
fix group chat shortcuts
Do not refresh message list while selecting

To prevent blowing away the selection randomly
Treat touch-up as click
Allow viewing history before the auto deletion date
Still follow thread of my own messages
If we try to render when expecting removal, don't crash

Show blank instead? Should remove soon...
Better defaults for OpenGraphParser
Remove debug code
Don't produce useless XHTML-IM of multiline text