Fdroid people are worried about leaking jids
Get callback off the webrtc thread

To avoid internal libwebrtc threading checks causing issues in some cases.
Support urn:ietf:rfc:3264

The Jingle ICE-UDP spec says that if the other side advertises this
feature then we should put our candidates into session-initiate or
session-accept instead of trickle-ing them out one at a time as per usual.
4e425709 — Daniel Gultsch a month ago
upgrade to 'both' upon accepting recvonly content-add
8dc854b8 — Daniel Gultsch a month ago
handle senders modification via content-modify

Dino uses this to enable/disable video when a video content is already present
2d616dd4 — Daniel Gultsch a month ago
quietly ignore mediated invites from blocked contacts
Fix crash on older android

Might make the behaviour slightly wrong, but better than a crash
Don't crash, no matter why punycode fails
Fix display of moderated images

Was messed up by removing the delete file display path
Support animated images in SVG

If they are the *only* thing in the SVG.
Show larges images in a media selector
Fix crash trying to open link when no app for it
59250df6 — Daniel Gultsch a month ago
do not use JMI if any rtp capable device does not support it
bc3e133f — Daniel Gultsch 2 months ago
keep order of rtp contents
8739301b — Daniel Gultsch 2 months ago
process content-modify for pending content-adds
085bb4b3 — Daniel Gultsch 2 months ago
apply ice-options when adding content or restarting ice
129c20b1 — Daniel Gultsch 2 months ago
use more aggressive reconnect intervals during rtp session