Treat touch-up as click
Allow viewing history before the auto deletion date
Still follow thread of my own messages
If we try to render when expecting removal, don't crash

Show blank instead? Should remove soon...
Better defaults for OpenGraphParser
Remove debug code
Don't produce useless XHTML-IM of multiline text
Option to disable message composing autocomplete

Such as emoji
When moderating a group, moderate all messages in the group
Show only one moderated message for a big streak of them
Fix message bubble merging

The subject check was backwards...
Linkyfy tel and sms URIs
Show user name in permissions dialog
Allow backspacing into custom emoji

When the platform wants to backspace into an imagespan, remove the span.
Some platforms remove the whole span when you backspace, some don't,
this at least makes it not weird on those that do not.
Allow selecting text and quoting the selection
Remove suggestion and composing spans when making XHTML
Gradle daemon is a pig
Fix for empty SVG
Re-send presence to a MUC if sending custom emoji

To try to bump us up in terms of which client gets IQs so the bob
queries are more likely to come to us.