More detail in the unknown viewtype exception

For easier debugging
Get full list of gateway types

Still just use first on the label for now
For some reason this caused all kinds of instability

So back to the old strategy, but if it ends up wrong null it out.
Open sms and tel URI in-app if there is a relevant gateway
Links in tables too
Tap on html:tel or xs:anyURI result field acts as a link
Per-account quiet hours
Show account colour laid onto background as user will actually see it
Set display name to that of contact (not self) for incoming call
Stop fallback flickering

Turns out setImageDrawable isn't free, visually
Require device unlock rather than account password to change password

More secure for the magic create case, and more likely the user remembers it.
Another log to help track down call retraction issues
Fix selection display with account colours
Interacting with a PM should reply as a PM by default
Spec *basically* says MUC must have a node
Remove cleanup conversations
Edit per-account colours
Fix keyboard and focus issues for name edit
Don't skip other processing of reject messages