Fix NPE when answering a call that has already gone away
manifest: add foregroundServiceType="microphone"

needed on targetSDK >= 30 for microphone access. Without this, we cannot
access the microphone in dialer integration mode since we are not the
foreground app.
Use the constraint from the docs
Move to gradle wrapper fdroid wants
Remove upstream .tx folder
short description is limited to 80 chars
Only use annotated tags for versioning
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:iNPUTmice/Conversations

* 'master' of github.com:iNPUTmice/Conversations:
  pulled translations from transifex
  catch security exception when importing backup
  pulled translations from transifex
  bump libraries
  show jid only for incoming calls during ringing
  version bump to 2.10.3-beta.2
  Enable WebRTC-BindUsingInterfaceName/Enabled/
  pulled translations from transifex
  be smarter about what files can be deleted
  use libwebrtc m99
  allow deletion of all files
Add new screenshots to doap
Merge branch 'fastlane'

* fastlane:
  Screenshot add contact options speeddial
  startConversation screenshot
  Draft new full description
  Generate a screenshot with fastlane
Merge branch 'for-singpolyma' of https://gitea.angry.im/PeterCxy/cheogram

* 'for-singpolyma' of https://gitea.angry.im/PeterCxy/cheogram:
  ConnectionService: handle disconnected state correctly
  ConnectionService: implement onReject()
  ConnectionService: miscellaneous fixes
  ConnectionService: Dialer UI integration for incoming calls
  ConnectionService: fix unchecked type assignments
Screenshot add contact options speeddial
startConversation screenshot
Add dialler screenshot
Draft new full description