Only refresh commands if update was for this contact
Release toneGenerator when done

Otherwise it may eventually crash when trying to init?
Fix index out of bounds

Well... "fix" if it's a race condition or something. Otherwise not sure
why it's happening.
Log SM counts to help with this messed up crash
We always need READ_CONTACTS
New option to invite MUC participant to chat
Add more things that the MUC might have changed before reflection
Always store new body+html from MUC
No reacting to a reaction
Fix quote in a PM
Fix direct reply

Always nuke XHTML when setting body to a string, instead of doing hacky workarounds
Higher contrast text
Fix correcting styled reply
Don't synthesize quote for moderated message
Don't try DANE on raw IP

It won't work anyway, and people get annoyed.
Bigger single emoji messages
Guard against crash when dtmf and not ready
Select reason when moderating
Guard against busted replies with no id