380c662b — Daniel Gultsch 4 days ago master
add more logging to unroutable jingle messages
d2817d5c — Daniel Gultsch 5 days ago
version bump webrtc to m117
76bf9080 — Daniel Gultsch 9 days ago
include date in backup file name

since `account.ceb` might have previously been created by a different application
(for example f-droid and user is on play now) or copied over via the file
manager Conversations might not have permission to write over an existing file.

we include the date so we always get a new file

fixes #105
712f09c6 — Daniel Gultsch 26 days ago
fix UUIDv4 calculation
79d75d14 — Daniel Gultsch 9 days ago
catch rare instances of foreground service not allowed to start
Use less confusing wording for permission explain dialog button
Fix saving/renaming decrypted file
Don't save a 0 file size when we can't read the file
Show thread selector when only leading mentions are present
Show whisper info even when there is no message body
Make sure to turn selection back on when recycled
Empty result as an error instead of hanging
Eventually we need to move on

If the timeouts fail and we just get hung, twice as long as the
configured timeout, something has gone horribly wrong and let's just
move on so as not to hang the executor.
Show commands on MUC
Don't try to destroy if not created
If autodownload is enabled, download SVG embeds
Make sure the connection knows the final filename
If we hid the next button, then we have to use button grid
Get more SVGs to fill their area properly
Disable bubble merging

It messes with reply UI, etc