Use the same debug key every time.
Use our own readme
228df19e — Matthew Wild a month ago
RtpSessionActivity: Fix NPE from using incorrect view id
Customize bugs, help, and other defaults
820d46d4 — root21 a month ago
Changed dialpad icon to something more recognizable.

Included SVG of icon in assets.
d1b3c57e — root21 a month ago
Code cleanup from first DTMF patch.

Removed unnecessary System.out.printIn from DTMF patch.
Removed getDtmfSender hack from JingleRtpConnection.
3ae8ada4 — root21 a month ago
Cleaned up DTMF click handling.

Min API version change was required for user interface lambdas.
Intercept DIAL and CALL to tel: and rewrite to cheogram

This is a proof of concept.  It catches tel: from browser, but also taps on call
button in contacts, etc, and rewrites to a Cheogram JID.  It does not query the
user's roster for gateway options, or ask the gateways to convert the URI, but
simply assumes Cheogram format and jams it in.  It also does not initiate a
call, but simply uses the default XmppUri action which will be to either add to
roster or open conversation.
14348a2a — Ketroc 4 months ago
WIP - dialpad and dtmf sending
Cheogram build variant with some branding
Set up for CI

Import some build system patches from fdroid.
b99f9d4f — Alexei Sorokin 6 months ago
make search case-insensitive not only for ASCII
7466d125 — Daniel Gultsch 6 months ago
ring during device discovery
98ffadd8 — Daniel Gultsch 6 months ago
log exception when file is not a ceb
af33a57b — Daniel Gultsch 6 months ago
add description for text/plain
87f99d35 — Daniel Gultsch 6 months ago
Transferables interface needs to differentiate between 0 and null file size
b025265f — Daniel Gultsch 6 months ago
execute status code check on HEAD
0f318155 — Daniel Gultsch 6 months ago
FileParams indicate unavailable file size as null

since 0 is a valid file size we should use null to indicate absence
76fb0180 — Daniel Gultsch 6 months ago
bump gradle plugin version