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Biboumi is an XMPP gateway that connects to IRC servers and translates between the two protocols. It can be used to access IRC channels using any XMPP client as if these channels were XMPP MUCs.

It is written in modern C++14 and makes great efforts to have as little dependencies and to be as simple as possible.

The goal is to provide a way to access most of IRC features using any XMPP client. It doesn’t however try to provide a complete mapping of the features of both worlds simply because this is not useful and most probably impossible. For example all IRC modes are not all translatable into an XMPP features. Some of them are (like +m (mute) or +o (operator) modes), but some others are IRC-specific. If IRC is the limiting factor (for example you cannot have a non-ASCII nickname on IRC) then biboumi doesn’t try to work around this issue: it just enforces the rules of the IRC server by telling the user that he/she must choose an ASCII-only nickname. An important goal is to keep the software (and its code) light and simple.


Refer to the INSTALL file.


Read the documentation.


Florent Le Coz (louiz’) louiz@louiz.org


To contribute, the preferred way is to commit your changes on some publicly-available git repository (your own, or github (https://github.com/louiz/biboumi), or a fork on https://lab.louiz.org) and to notify the developers with a ticket on the bug tracker (https://dev.louiz.org/projects/biboumi/issues/new), a pull request on github or a merge request on gitlab.

Optionally you can come discuss your changes on the XMPP chat room, beforehand.


Biboumi is Free Software. (learn more: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html)

Biboumi is released under the zlib license. Please read the COPYING file for details.