ref: fdb3e739b0f1969e83250d98bda27b938a207f81 biboumi/tests/end_to_end/scenarios d---------
0fadb2d1 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Trivial comment change in an e2e test
f8da92a8 — Jonas Schäfer 3 years ago
Always send direct messages to the user’s bare JID

This has the following advantages:

- Works while all resources are offline (persistent channels)
- Helps with combating duplicate messages when sent to different
  resources, resources going offline, carbon-copying etc. etc.

As a side effect, this also makes the MUC PMs not be MUC PMs and
always be emitted from the server-wide JID of the sending user.

Fixes #3313.
f548f631 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Merge branch 'v9'
df2fe0bc — louiz’ 2 years ago
Fix the parsing of IRC messages, especially with trailing spaces
063e6b12 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Handle SASL failures by displaying a message and aborting the connection
2e1ddeb6 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Implement SASL plain authentication
a156b751 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Remove raw_names_command e2e test
1b72faef — louiz’ 2 years ago
Update the tests to work with oragono
81fb7389 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Start oragono instead of charybdis
4ee3dd69 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Demonstrate bug #3429
212e8e59 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Merge remote-tracking branch 'linkmauve/die-gc1.0-die'
470ba2e4 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Remove the part of the force-join test that checks the nick changed

Because we actually don’t change the nick, we ignore it, just like in the
case of a normal join (of an other resource, or an other channel on the same
8013bb1c — louiz’ 2 years ago
And modify the tests to work, by adding the <x/> node in all join presences
fc22e063 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Fix a type stable-id -> stanza-id, and add a test case to be exhaustive
40d2168a — louiz’ 2 years ago
Announce the urn:xmpp:sid:0 NS in MUC's disco#info

As required by XEP 0359

Should fix #3369
e9670889 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Make sure we keep the stable-id and origin-id nodes when required

See https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0359.html
49a39317 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Add a test to check that XEP-45 stable ID thing is respected

See https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html#message
77c134a4 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Demonstrate issue #3423 with e2e tests
f06fac2a — louiz’ 2 years ago
Rename the e2e nicks to make things easier to debug
efb695be — louiz’ 3 years ago
e2e: Implicitely include the handshake in all tests

Instead of having to write it manually everytime