ref: f370ce3a80ef77f58a13b0328aa09c7becbf4f0e biboumi/scripts d---------
e4122880 — louiz’ 4 years ago
Add a documentation to explain how to migrate from sqlite3 to postgresl

fix #3319
b8b2d4f9 — Florent Le Coz 6 years ago
Remove the build+test script, just specify everything in the CI file
6ae7e08c — Florent Le Coz 6 years ago
Add code coverage support

make coverage runs the test_suite and generates a report
3c1889fb — Florent Le Coz 6 years ago
Use Catch for our test suite

`make check` is also added to compile and run the tests
Catch is fetched with cmake automatically into the build directory when needed
d799dc10 — Florent Le Coz 6 years ago
Test a different way to do our CI

Introduce a script, which is called with different parameters, to have a
number of builds done with a different configuration, without repeating
things too much.