ref: f0f3d3d4e2fb7c02a5b2ad517632ec5071fefb45 biboumi/src/utils/time.cpp -rw-r--r-- 1.8 KiB
19ed2e7f — louiz’ 5 years ago
Fix the datetime parsing to handle optional fractions of seconds

fix #3266
1a09c965 — louiz’ 5 years ago
Remove two sneaky log_debug
0ab40dc1 — louiz’ 5 years ago
Refactoring louloulibs and cmake

Use OBJECT libraries
Remove the louloulibs directory
Write FOUND variables in the cache
835c650e — louiz’ 6 years ago
Actually, just use the C locale for the date formats

We don’t need any UTF-8 support here, and it’s more portable
479b7189 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Only use the C.UTF-8 LANG value
7a8b4e37 — louiz’ 6 years ago
In time.cpp, use the en_US.UTF-8 locale, instead of en_US.utf-8

(which apparently doesn’t work on freebsd)
c54f28d2 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Conditionally use strptime if we don’t have std::get_time
548e4ad4 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Parse the timezone myself, instead of using the broken strptime



for why strptime() sucks

We use std::get_time now, to parse the date and time. And we parse the
timezone by hand.

fix #3215
e5b392ec — louiz’ 6 years ago
Fix parse_datetime by always using a 'z' as the timezone

Because some plateform accept Z and z, but some only accept z…
aaa2ca67 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Fix the parse_datetime by using %Z instead of %z

If anybody knows why fedora accepts both, but it only works with %z on
debian, please tell me.
1140db3b — louiz’ 6 years ago
Add parse_datetime
2a4905df — louiz’ 6 years ago
Fix to_string(time_t) and write a unit test for it
7536a1b3 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Respond to MAM requests on a channel JID

At the moment, result-set-management is not implemented, the whole history
(well, at most 1024 messages) is returned.