91c9aa60 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Modify oragono’s conf four our tests
07dbd7e7 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Add the default oragono conf
1b72faef — louiz’ 2 years ago
Update the tests to work with oragono
81fb7389 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Start oragono instead of charybdis
eb976918 — louiz’ 2 years ago
e2e: Switch from coroutines to async, for python3.8
10d68335 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Fix clang warnings on some utils function. It’s also faster
c91fac82 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Fix a std::move() warning with clang
12feb150 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Fix a compile error with gcc 10

Fix #3431
1833946c — louiz’ 2 years ago
Revert "Temporarily disable freebsd tests until I fix my freebsd machine"

This reverts commit 1492eed3c915605b2e5a04b719cf7769bc579f87.
e1ef3ae5 — louiz’ 2 years ago
ci: Always upload the test: artifacts
2ef41e1a — louiz’ 2 years ago
Add missing affiliation and role in nick change presence

Fix #3429
4ee3dd69 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Demonstrate bug #3429
1492eed3 — louiz’ 2 years ago
Temporarily disable freebsd tests until I fix my freebsd machine
444a4833 — Maxime “pep” Buquet 3 years ago
Update version in doc configuration

Signed-off-by: Maxime “pep” Buquet <pep@bouah.net>
212e8e59 — louiz’ 3 years ago
Merge remote-tracking branch 'linkmauve/die-gc1.0-die'
470ba2e4 — louiz’ 3 years ago
Remove the part of the force-join test that checks the nick changed

Because we actually don’t change the nick, we ignore it, just like in the
case of a normal join (of an other resource, or an other channel on the same
2c4ffbf2 — louiz’ 3 years ago
Consider the nick change only if it is NOT a join
8013bb1c — louiz’ 3 years ago
And modify the tests to work, by adding the <x/> node in all join presences
a0d24b48 — louiz’ 3 years ago
add CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE in biboumi.service to be able to bind on port 113

fix #3419
fc22e063 — louiz’ 3 years ago
Fix a type stable-id -> stanza-id, and add a test case to be exhaustive