ref: 7b3e0e0cf3eddd3537455a3605b04a48ee663f47 biboumi/src/database d---------
7f2127a7 — louiz’ 5 years ago
Add the archive ID to messages when they are sent to users

This makes us compatible with mam 6.0

fix #3249
1a09c965 — louiz’ 5 years ago
Remove two sneaky log_debug
379fe026 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Properly convert the data into a number of seconds by using duration_cast
363a0bf0 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Look for uuid/uuid.h instead of just uuid.h

Avoids a conflict between /usr/include/uuid.h and
/usr/local/include/uuid/uuid.h on freebsd
3047bd41 — louiz’ 6 years ago
MAM results can be filtered by start and end dates
7536a1b3 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Respond to MAM requests on a channel JID

At the moment, result-set-management is not implemented, the whole history
(well, at most 1024 messages) is returned.
88499d03 — louiz’ 6 years ago
If the maxHistoryLength is negative, make it 0

Instead of doing a broken SQL request that returns weird lines
d1626c92 — louiz’ 6 years ago
When joining a channel, send the most recent history found in the database
593b3268 — louiz’ 6 years ago
When saving the logs, the date must be in seconds, not nanoseconds
6776b827 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Add a global configure ad-hoc command, with max history length
992fa938 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Add get_first_non_empty and use it into Database to simplify a little bit
8ec823be — louiz’ 6 years ago
Save received and sent messages into the database
4c1b9abe — louiz’ 6 years ago
Properly catch and handle database errors

Do not use a singleton for the database.

fix #3203
81f8f45b — louiz’ 6 years ago
Replace all include guards by #pragma once

af420738 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Style fix

Move all constructors at the top of classes
421c960d — Florent Le Coz 7 years ago
Add a ChannelOptions table in the DB

And a way to retrieve its values, defaulting on the ServerOptions for unset
580b721b — Florent Le Coz 7 years ago
Remove a write to std::cout from Database’s constructor
74c73799 — Florent Le Coz 7 years ago
Only compile database.cpp if configured with litesql
88ae2599 — Florent Le Coz 7 years ago
Introduce an optional Database module

Uses litesql