ref: 3cd649023680bd49f9865fd62474d4db6a9d7c68 biboumi/src/database/query.cpp -rw-r--r-- 1.1 KiB
3cd64902 — louiz’ 5 years ago
Remove all the ugly database debug
2c4016a4 — louiz’ 5 years ago
Merge branch 'postgresql' into 'master'

Add postgresql support

Closes #3237

See merge request louiz/biboumi!18
0168b96b — louiz’ 5 years ago
Add postgresql support
b71ca15a — louiz’ 5 years ago
Move a few functions from select_query to query
40db183e — louiz’ 5 years ago
Using OptionalBool, add RecordHistoryOptional col into IrcChannelOptions table

ref #3269
5ba66c33 — louiz 5 years ago
Merge branch 'orm' into 'master'

Pure c++ sqlite3 ORM

Closes #3271

See merge request !11
50cadf3d — louiz’ 5 years ago
Implement our own database ORM, and update the whole code to use it

Entirely replace LiteSQL

fix #3271