344d9512 — louiz’ 6 years ago
ci: Don’t display g++ and clang++ --version
bea3a3a8 — louiz’ 6 years ago
ci: don’t set the locale env variablesx
e6b09eed — louiz’ 6 years ago
Add a freebsd ci test
c454a80e — louiz’ 6 years ago
e2e: Accept even more unordered things in the connection sequence
eb8f1cbc — louiz’ 6 years ago
Avoid a potential nullptr dereference
17f8cf64 — louiz’ 6 years ago
CI: add the docker tag for coverity and sonar-qube jobs
b65ff9ed — louiz’ 6 years ago
In the docker images, use port 1113 for charybdis’ identd connection
7784c568 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Update the verify_certificate_chain code to work with botan >= 1.11.34 as well
a66c67e2 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Add a missing ifdef botan
3ef78f44 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Add some missing botan includes
732f53d7 — louiz’ 7 years ago
Clean a few more things
3f53db79 — louiz’ 7 years ago
Use the new botan 1.11.32 Tls::Client API (but stay compatible with older ones)
5f9568ca — louiz’ 7 years ago
TLS: Enable ecc point compression

If available in Botan.

There is an issue where, if botan supports it but we don’t enable it, then
the TLS handshake may fail with some servers
ad22be41 — louiz’ 7 years ago
Do not fail to build if litesql is not there
5cb534c9 — louiz’ 7 years ago
move is_connecting outside of an ifdef
42e85d92 — louiz’ 7 years ago
Remove some useless virtual method from SocketHandler
b5a7c66b — louiz’ 7 years ago
fix an “unused parameter” warning
9dd0cf8f — louiz’ 7 years ago
Fix an error on gcc 4.9, because it is so stupid it can’t find operator""s
89868e4c — louiz’ 7 years ago
e2e tests that the IRC server received an ident response
d90f75dc — louiz’ 7 years ago
Trivial include cleanup