ref: 2bb4a347cdfbee92334d5340ba640c8680a81d9e biboumi/cmake/Modules/FindLIBUUID.cmake -rw-r--r-- 1.4 KiB
2bb4a347 — Florent Le Coz 8 years ago
Improve dependencies checks in the build process

- Rename all Find*.cmake files to uppercase, to make things more consistent,
  and fix some issues with them (notably the REQUIRED flag)

- Rename SYSTEMDDAEMON to SYSTEMD and only use the libsystemd instead of
  libsystemd-daemon because it's deprecated for a long time now

- Provide a WITH_* and WITHOUT_* switch for all optional dependencies

- Document things in the INSTALL file
a63faf6f — Florent Le Coz 8 years ago
Use libuuid to generate unique IDs for iq and adhoc sessions