ref: 28d79a9eaa5a85f1f44d03a224517e1ccae294ba biboumi/src/irc/irc_message.hpp -rw-r--r-- 663 bytes
81f8f45b — louiz’ 6 years ago
Replace all include guards by #pragma once

af420738 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Style fix

Move all constructors at the top of classes
1f6eea62 — Florent Le Coz 7 years ago
Add an ad-hoc command to disconnect a user from one or more IRC server

fix #3077
87aaacdb — Florent Le Coz 9 years ago
Rename libirc and libxmpp to irc and xmpp
7f580dbc — Florent Le Coz 9 years ago
Add irc_message.hpp