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865e3422 — louiz’ 4 years ago
Remove the badges in the readme. The trend is over.
86f275e1 — louiz’ 4 years ago
Revert "C++17"

This reverts commit 3f088e7b3a1467a88e7c5ff9fb60dc4609d2bfa3.
3f088e7b — louiz’ 4 years ago
34d6c2bc — louiz’ 4 years ago
Don’t use codecov anymore
00a71ff2 — louiz’ 5 years ago
Use our own proxy link to display the badges

For privacy reasons

73915e88 — louiz’ 5 years ago
Remove the sonar-qube build

[ci skip]
57e4f2a8 — louiz’ 5 years ago
The “build” badge links to a more useful URL
36a9eb0e — louiz’ 5 years ago
Use the codecov badge instead of the gitlab coverage one

3fdae6b6 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Add a new badge to our collection! (Sonarqube)
7b2215b8 — louiz’ 6 years ago
479708c8 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Add an other kewl badge
b7f02f79 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Add a coverity badge to the readme
20a06c95 — louiz 6 years ago
Add trendy badges to the README
3047bd41 — louiz’ 6 years ago
MAM results can be filtered by start and end dates
183f53d0 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Update the links to the forge in README.rst
c7299656 — louiz’ 6 years ago
Merge branch 'rst'
b32729fb — louiz’ 6 years ago
Convert README, INSTALL etc to markdown
13eceeee — Florent Le Coz 6 years ago
Include a note on own to contribute changes
89af57bf — Florent Le Coz 7 years ago
Forge link uses https
39175e1a — Florent Le Coz 8 years ago
Little documentation update