ref: 212e8e59897c65e50f9d89949824a32d383201f4 biboumi/src/bridge/bridge.cpp -rw-r--r-- 49.5 KiB
212e8e59 — louiz’ 3 years ago
Merge remote-tracking branch 'linkmauve/die-gc1.0-die'
e9670889 — louiz’ 3 years ago
Make sure we keep the stable-id and origin-id nodes when required

See https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0359.html
76b81cec — louiz’ 3 years ago
Small trivial readability improvement
14fe9711 — Emmanuel Gil Peyrot 3 years ago
Don’t treat presence updates as MUC joins

If the user sends a directed presence to an unjoined MUC without a <x/>
element, send a presence error back instead of attempting to join it
again, as this is almost never what the user wants.

Fixes #3415.
f1936fdd — louiz’ 3 years ago
Actually fix that correctly instead of the opposite
8a6d053b — louiz’ 3 years ago
Remove trailing / of fulljids if IRC host is missing
224eb922 — louiz’ 3 years ago
Properly re-convert \01ACTION into a /me when reflected to the sender

fix #3382

It still needs to be fixed properly by cleaning the way we send the messages
in all direction etc. And this is ugly because, with just one message, we do
a conversion in one direction, and then re-convert in the other
direction. But at least it works and users will be happy, even if I’m not
entirely satisfied with the code.
a8ce138d — Jonas Schäfer 3 years ago
XEP-0410: set not-in-the-room error condition to not-acceptable

XEP-0410 demands that. This changes the error condition for all
pings to the room, even those which aren’t self-pings, if the
sender is not joined.

The conditions of XEP-0410 were based on observing existing
b68f3605 — Jonas Schäfer 3 years ago
XEP-0410: implement server-side optimisation for self-pings

This prevents the ping from round-tripping through IRC and
possibly a random other client of the user. Please see XEP-0410
for the rationale.

Fixes #3385.
3621458d — Jonas Schäfer 4 years ago
Do not send the IRC host directly as real JID of the user

Fixes #3381
b9f6fbd8 — louiz’ 4 years ago
Remove an unused function (and a useless debug log)
478619b1 — louiz’ 4 years ago
Trivial little syntax changes
248e25c2 — louiz’ 4 years ago
Replace a useless shared_ptr by a unique_ptr
0b51e382 — louiz’ 4 years ago
MaxHistoryLength now has some sensible default value if the user set a negative one
782732ba — louiz’ 4 years ago
Remove a bunch of useless empty lines
7a4cea42 — louiz’ 4 years ago
Reflect messages to XMPP only when they are actually sent
7f8a612c — louiz’ 4 years ago
Fix a warning (unused variable) in some build config
52166e07 — louiz’ 4 years ago
Trivial syntax improvements
0b8738d8 — louiz’ 4 years ago
Archive the Mode messages, except if they are received for an unjoined chan

fix #3362
b0168fd4 — louiz’ 4 years ago
mam: Send “fin complete” only when appropriate

Also simplify how we did the whole “limit + 1”
And fix one bad interpretation of the XEP for the case where the query has
no after or before restriction.

fix #3349