ref: 19c577b93752b9a39a37151ca020e95e28214b72 biboumi/src/network/tcp_socket_handler.cpp -rw-r--r-- 10.5 KiB
b1564e4d — louiz’ 3 years ago
Fix a bunch of int to unsigned int conversion warnings
709fa0e5 — louiz’ 3 years ago
Remove a useless getter
85288fd0 — Romain DEP 3 years ago
add 'verify_certificate' as possible configuration token for policy files
 This lets the user configure a per-domain certificate validation policy
52071102 — louiz’ 4 years ago
Use our botan gh#1276 workaround only for botan < 2.4

fix #3320
f3b1e39c — louiz’ 4 years ago
Add a workaround for https://github.com/randombit/botan/issues/1276

ref #3278
c5a02685 — louiz’ 4 years ago
Explicitely include all needed botan headers

Most importantely, include parsing.h, since read_cfg is not implicitely
included anymore in botan 2.3, and that does not compile.

Also do not included botan.h anymore, since it’s deprecated in botan 2.3

fix #3296
ffb402f0 — louiz’ 4 years ago
Drop support for botan < 2.0

fix #3274
f7e4adb1 — louiz’ 5 years ago
Avoid any potential int overflow
7b3e0e0c — louiz’ 5 years ago
Make botan’s policy configurable from a file

fix #3244
cf87cf08 — louiz’ 5 years ago
Better way to init the msghdr fields
69fd6cc4 — louiz’ 5 years ago
Explicitely init the msghdr fields, to be compatible with any implementation
ccb4ee09 — louiz’ 5 years ago
Apply all the clang-tidy misc-* fixes
5402a256 — louiz’ 5 years ago
Apply all the clang-tidy modernize-* fixes
0ab40dc1 — louiz’ 5 years ago
Refactoring louloulibs and cmake

Use OBJECT libraries
Remove the louloulibs directory
Write FOUND variables in the cache
f0bc6c83 — louiz’ 5 years ago
Pass the shared_ptr by reference, to avoid useless copies
e1e740e3 — louiz’ 5 years ago
Don’t use global static members but functions that return a reference to an internal static object

See https://github.com/randombit/botan/issues/761
7784c568 — louiz’ 5 years ago
Update the verify_certificate_chain code to work with botan >= 1.11.34 as well
3f53db79 — louiz’ 5 years ago
Use the new botan 1.11.32 Tls::Client API (but stay compatible with older ones)
5f9568ca — louiz’ 5 years ago
TLS: Enable ecc point compression

If available in Botan.

There is an issue where, if botan supports it but we don’t enable it, then
the TLS handshake may fail with some servers
0c8adc85 — louiz’ 5 years ago
Move all the connect() logic from TCPSocketHandler into a subclass

This way, TCPSocketHandler only deal with the message sending/receiving, not
the connect() or anything else.  This will be used for implementing servers
(because when a client is accepted, we don’t need all the connect() and dns
resolution stuff).