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Configuration options can be overridden by setting env values
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Properly handle multiline topics

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Trivial change in the doc
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Add a Persistent option on channels

Closes #3230

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Add a Persistent option on channels

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Doc: reformulate the signal part, to mention the re-opening of log files
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Document the ad-hoc configure forms
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grammar: than <-> as
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Update the doc to avoid using “” or "" and other chars
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Support the ident protocol

fix #3211
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Update the doc to say that we support xep 0059
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Add get-irc-connection-info adhoc command

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Trivial doc fixes
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Didn’t I fix that typo 12 times already?
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Improve the documentation for the archives
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Document the sending of the muc history
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Only save the logs if recordHistory global config option is true
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Forward mediated invitations (XMPP to IRC only)