eecb95352e4d903dd72501fd69a5676928ee8aae — louiz’ 7 years ago 493b0d1
Add libasan and libubsan in the test docker images
2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M docker/biboumi-test/debian/Dockerfile
M docker/biboumi-test/fedora/Dockerfile
M docker/biboumi-test/debian/Dockerfile => docker/biboumi-test/debian/Dockerfile +2 -0
@@ 19,6 19,8 @@ RUN apt install -y libidn11-dev
RUN apt install -y uuid-dev
RUN apt install -y libsystemd-dev
RUN apt install -y pandoc
RUN apt install -y libasan2
RUN apt install -y libubsan0

# Needed to run tests
RUN apt install -y git

M docker/biboumi-test/fedora/Dockerfile => docker/biboumi-test/fedora/Dockerfile +2 -0
@@ 19,6 19,8 @@ RUN dnf install -y libidn-devel
RUN dnf install -y uuid-devel
RUN dnf install -y systemd-devel
RUN dnf install -y pandoc
RUN dnf install -y libasan
RUN dnf install -y libubsan

# Needed to run tests
RUN dnf install -y git