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 - Fix the iq result sent at the end of a MAM response. Some clients (e.g.
   gajim) would throw an error as a result.

Sqlite3 to PostgreSQL migration

If you used biboumi with the sqlite3 database backend and you want to
start using postgresql instead, follow these simple steps:

 - Make sure your Sqlite3 database has the correct format by running at
   least biboumi version 6.0 against this database. Indeed: biboumi can
   upgrade your database scheme by itself automatically when it starts, but
   the migration process can only migrate from the latest known schema,
   which is the one in version 6.x and 7.x.  If you are migrating from
   version 6.x or 7.x, you have nothing to do.
 - Start biboumi (at least version 7.0) with db_name configured to use
   your postgresql database: this will create an empty database, create all
   the tables with all the rights columns, ready to be filled.
 - Backup your database if you value it. The migration process will not
   write anything into it, so it your data should theorically be kept
   intact, but we never know.
 - Run the dump script found in biboumi’s sources:
   `<scripts/dump_sqlite3.sh>`_. Its first and only argument must be the path
   to your sqlite3 database. For example run `./scripts/dump_sqlite3.sh
   /var/lib/biboumi/biboumi.sqlite`. This will create, in your current
   directory, some sqlite files that contain instructions to be fed into
 - Import all the ouput files thusly created into your PostgreSQL, with
   something like this: `psql postgresql://user@password/biboumi < *.sql`.
   This takes a few minutes if your database is huge (if it contains many
   archived messages).

Version 6.1 - 2017-10-04

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function dump_table {
    echo ".mode insert $table
.output $table.sql
select $columns from $table;" | sqlite3 $sqlite3_args

dump_table "roster" "local, remote"

dump_table "ircserveroptions_" "id_, owner_, server_, pass_, afterconnectioncommand_, tlsports_, ports_, username_, realname_, verifycert_, trustedfingerprint_, encodingout_, encodingin_, maxhistorylength_"

dump_table "ircchanneloptions_" "id_, owner_, server_, channel_, encodingout_, encodingin_, maxhistorylength_, persistent_, recordhistory_"

dump_table "globaloptions_" "id_, owner_, maxhistorylength_, recordhistory_, persistent_"

dump_table "muclogline_" "id_, uuid_, owner_, ircchanname_, ircservername_, date_, body_, nick_"