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Run the test suite locally

Since this requires a lot of dependencies (an IRC server with some TLS
certificate, slixmpp, many libraries…), it might be cumbersome to get
everything on your machine to be able to run them.

The simplest solution (as long as you have docker installed and properly
configured to be able to run as your developer user…) is to follow these

.. code-block:: bash
  :caption: Start a docker container with everything installed

  docker run --name biboumi-e2e -v /home/louiz/biboumi/:/home/tester/biboumi \
             --add-host="irc.localhost:" \
             --add-host="biboumi.localhost:" \
             --rm -it docker.louiz.org/louiz/biboumi/test-alpine \

This creates a container where every dependency is already installed. We
mount your working directory inside the container: be sure to modify the
first path `/home/louiz/biboumi` with your own. The hosts that we add are
needed for the test suite to properly work.

You can use the test-fedora or test-debian images instead of test-alpine
if you want, but it should not change anything (even if your host machine
uses debian or fedora), alpine is just the lighter one.

.. note::

  This container should stay alive as long as you want to run the test
  suite. For example if you want to run it many times until your code is
  fine and all tests pass, just leave that shell somewhere without
  touching it.

Then, from an other shell (do NOT run that inside the container we just

.. code-block:: bash
  :caption: Configure and build biboumi from inside the container

  docker exec biboumi-e2e sh -c "cd biboumi && mkdir build && cmake .."

This is needed (only once), because if you configure it from your host
machine, then the paths generated by cmake will be all wrong when you try
to compile from inside the container and nothing will work.

.. code-block:: bash
  :caption: Re-compile and run the test suite inside the container

  docker exec biboumi-e2e sh -c "cd biboumi/build && make e2e"

This should now build everything correctly, and run the test suite. If you
want to re-run it again after you edited something in your source tree,
just run this last command again. You don’t need to touch anything inside
the container again.

When you’re done, just close the shell we opened with the first command.

Available functions