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Document the biboumi and IRC-server JIDs in user’s roster
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@@ 344,6 344,29 @@ connect you to the IRC server without joining any channel), then send your
authentication message to the user ``bot%irc.example.com@biboumi.example.com``
and finally join the room ``#foo%irc.example.com@biboumi.example.com``.


You can add some JIDs provided by biboumi into your own roster, to receive
presence from them. Biboumi will always automatically accept your requests.

Biboumi’s JID

By adding the component JID into your roster, the user will receive an available
presence whenever it is started, and an unavailable presence whenever it is being
shutdown.  This is useful to quickly view if that biboumi instance is started or

IRC server JID

These presence will appear online in the user’s roster whenever they are
connected to that IRC server (see *Connect to an IRC server* for more
details). This is useful to keep track of which server an user is connected
to: this is sometimes hard to remember, when they have many clients, or if
they are using persistent channels.

Channel messages