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Little doc typo
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M doc/biboumi.1.rst
M doc/biboumi.1.rst => doc/biboumi.1.rst +1 -1
@@ 628,7 628,7 @@ On a server JID (e.g on the JID chat.freenode.org@biboumi.example.com)
      if one endpoint for that server is dead, but continue using the same
      JID. For example, a user could configure the server
      “freenode@biboumi.example.com”, set “chat.freenode.net” in its
      “Address” field, and then they would be able to user “freenode” as
      “Address” field, and then they would be able to use “freenode” as
      the network name forever: if “chat.freenode.net” breaks for some
      reason, it can be changed to “irc.freenode.org” instead, and the user
      would not need to change all their bookmarks and settings.