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Document the db_name option (with postgresql support)
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@@ 77,6 77,20 @@ port
The TCP port to use to connect to the local XMPP component. The default
value is 5347.


The name of the database to use. This option can only be used if biboumi
has been compiled with a database support (Sqlite3 and/or PostgreSQL). If
the value begins with the postgresql scheme, “postgresql://” or
“postgres://”, then biboumi will try to connect to the PostgreSQL database
specified by the URI. See
for all possible values. For example the value could be
“postgresql://user:secret@localhost”. If the value does not start with the
postgresql scheme, then it specifies a filename that will be opened with
Sqlite3. For example the value could be “/var/lib/biboumi/biboumi.sqlite”.