82a6fa6d098c82914ff8a6ed44398eb0cf8c4d9a — louiz’ 7 years ago a4d67ce
e2e: Fix some logic in check_list_of_xpath
1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

M tests/end_to_end/__main__.py
M tests/end_to_end/__main__.py => tests/end_to_end/__main__.py +3 -4
@@ 151,14 151,13 @@ def check_list_of_xpath(list_of_xpaths, xmpp, stanza):
    found = None
    for i, xpaths in enumerate(list_of_xpaths):
        if all_xpaths_match(stanza, xpaths):
            found = i
            found = True

    if found is None:
    if not found:
        raise StanzaError("Received stanza “%s” did not match any of the expected xpaths:\n%s" % (stanza, list_of_xpaths))


    if list_of_xpaths:
        step = partial(expect_unordered_already_formatted, list_of_xpaths)
        xmpp.scenario.steps.insert(0, step)