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@@ 229,6 229,12 @@ not allowed in the local part of a JID (for example '@').  If you need to send a
message to a nick containing such a character, you can use a jid like
``%irc.example.com@biboumi.example.com/AnnoyingNickn@me``, because the JID
``AnnoyingNickn@me%irc.example.com@biboumi.example.com`` would not work.
And if you need to address a channel that contains such invalid characters, you
have to use `jid-escaping <http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0106.html#escaping>`,
and replace each of these characters with their escaped version, for example to
join the channel ``#b@byfoot``, you need to use the following JID: