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Document the multi-nick session thing
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@@ 178,6 178,14 @@ the same IRC connection is used.  If, however, an other user wants to join
an IRC channel on that same IRC server, biboumi opens a new connection to
that server.  Biboumi connects once to each IRC server, for each user on it.

Additionally, if one user is using more than one clients (with the same bare
JID), they can join the same IRC channel (on the same server) behind one
single nickname.  Biboumi will forward all the messages (the channel ones and
the private ones) and the presences to all the resources behind that nick.
There is no need to have multiple nicknames and multiple connections to be
able to take part in a conversation (or idle) in a channel from a mobile client
while the desktop client is still connected, for example.

To cleanly shutdown the component, send a SIGINT or SIGTERM signal to it.
It will send messages to all connected IRC and XMPP servers to indicate a
reason why the users are being disconnected.  Biboumi exits when the end of