1736641368395440d69d68fcd701754bec0b22ec — louiz’ 4 years ago 7571020
Clean the __main__ file of the e2e tests

I forgot to remove some things when I moved them into functions.py
2 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 58 deletions(-)

M tests/end_to_end/__main__.py
M tests/end_to_end/functions.py
M tests/end_to_end/__main__.py => tests/end_to_end/__main__.py +10 -57
@@ 3,19 3,17 @@
from functions import StanzaError, SkipStepError

import collections
import lxml.etree
import importlib
import sequences
import datetime
import slixmpp
import asyncio
import logging
import signal
import atexit
import time
import sys
import io
import os
from functools import partial

from slixmpp.xmlstream.matcher.base import MatcherBase

if not hasattr(asyncio, "ensure_future"):

@@ 131,32 129,6 @@ class XMPPComponent(slixmpp.BaseXMPP):
        self.accepting_server = yield from self.loop.create_server(lambda: self,
                                                                   "", 8811, reuse_address=True)

    def check_stanza_against_all_expected_xpaths(self):

def all_xpaths_match(stanza, xpaths):
    for xpath in xpaths:
        matched = match(stanza, xpath)
        if not matched:
            return False
    return True

def check_list_of_xpath(list_of_xpaths, xmpp, stanza):
    found = None
    for i, xpaths in enumerate(list_of_xpaths):
        if all_xpaths_match(stanza, xpaths):
            found = True

    if not found:
        raise StanzaError("Received stanza “%s” did not match any of the expected xpaths:\n%s" % (stanza, list_of_xpaths))

    if list_of_xpaths:
        step = partial(expect_unordered_already_formatted, list_of_xpaths)
        xmpp.scenario.steps.insert(0, step)

class ProcessRunner:
    def __init__(self):

@@ 205,30 177,6 @@ class IrcServerRunner(ProcessRunner):
        self.create = asyncio.create_subprocess_exec("charybdis", "-foreground", "-configfile", os.getcwd() + "/../tests/end_to_end/ircd.conf",

def save_current_timestamp_plus_delta(key, delta, message, xmpp):
    now_plus_delta = datetime.datetime.utcnow() + delta
    xmpp.saved_values[key] = now_plus_delta.strftime("%FT%T.967Z")

def sleep_for(duration, xmpp, biboumi):

# list_of_xpaths: [(xpath, xpath), (xpath, xpath), (xpath)]
def expect_unordered(list_of_xpaths, xmpp, biboumi):
    formatted_list_of_xpaths = []
    for xpaths in list_of_xpaths:
        formatted_xpaths = []
        for xpath in xpaths:
            formatted_xpath = xpath.format_map(common_replacements)
    expect_unordered_already_formatted(formatted_list_of_xpaths, xmpp, biboumi)

def expect_unordered_already_formatted(formatted_list_of_xpaths, xmpp, biboumi):
    xmpp.stanza_checker = partial(check_list_of_xpath, formatted_list_of_xpaths, xmpp)

class BiboumiTest:
    Spawns a biboumi process and a fake XMPP Component that will run a

@@ 322,10 270,15 @@ persistent_by_default=true

def chan_name_from_jid(jid):
    return jid[1:jid.find('%')]

def get_scenarios(test_path, provided_scenar_names):
    :param test_path: The path containing all the tests
    :param provided_scenar_names: a list of scenario names provided on the
    command line by the user. May be empty
    :return: The list of scenarios to be run. If provided_scenar_names is
    empty, we return all the existing scenarios, otherwise we just return
    the one from that list
    scenarios = []
    for entry in os.scandir(os.path.join(test_path, "scenarios")):
        if entry.is_file() and not entry.name.startswith('.') and entry.name.endswith('.py'):

M tests/end_to_end/functions.py => tests/end_to_end/functions.py +1 -1
@@ 3,7 3,7 @@ import collections
import datetime
import asyncio
import time
import lxml
import lxml.etree
import io

common_replacements = {