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#Building Asterisk into a Docker Container Image

The following set of steps should leave you with a Docker container that is relatively small, built from your local checked out source, and even provides you with a nice little RPM too!

#Build the package container image

Build the package container image. This uses FPM[1] so no spec files and such are necessary.

docker build --pull -f contrib/docker/Dockerfile.packager -t asterisk-build .

#Build your Asterisk RPM from source

Build the Asterisk RPM from the resulting container image.

docker run -ti \
    -v $(pwd):/application:ro \
    -v $(pwd)/out:/build \
    -w /application asterisk-build \
    /application/contrib/docker/make-package.sh 13.6.0

NOTE: If you need to build this on a system that has SElinux enabled you'll need to use the following command instead:

docker run -ti \
    -v $(pwd):/application:Z \
    -v $(pwd)/out:/build:Z \
    -w /application asterisk-build \
    /application/contrib/docker/make-package.sh 13.6.0

#Create your Asterisk container image

Now create your own Asterisk container image from the resulting RPM.

docker build --rm -t madsen/asterisk:13.6.0-1 -f contrib/docker/Dockerfile.asterisk .


[1] https://github.com/jordansissel/fpm