b6a13dc62df0a526f9b54a530e66ed6bb647995b — Christopher Vollick 3 years ago bc05895
Content Transport is Always Created by Initiator

The original code declared the content to be created by the "initiator"
if this is an outgoing call, and "responder" if it's an incoming call,
which makes sense if we assume we're always the content creator.

But actually, in the clients I've looked at, that's not the case.
In all cases, the initiator includes the initial content description in
their session-initiate message.

So actually, the creator is always the initiator, either us if we
initiated, or them if they did.

Most clients didn't seem to care who the creator was, but Gajim seems
grumpy about it.
1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M channels/chan_motif.c
M channels/chan_motif.c => channels/chan_motif.c +2 -2
@@ 1349,7 1349,7 @@ static void jingle_send_transport_info(struct jingle_session *session, const cha
			/* V1 protocol has the candidates directly in the session */
			res = jingle_add_google_candidates_to_transport(session->rtp, jingle, audio_candidates, 0, session->transport, session->maxicecandidates);
		} else if ((audio = iks_new("content")) && (audio_transport = iks_new("transport"))) {
			iks_insert_attrib(audio, "creator", session->outgoing ? "initiator" : "responder");
			iks_insert_attrib(audio, "creator", "initiator");
			iks_insert_attrib(audio, "name", session->audio_name);
			iks_insert_node(jingle, audio);
			iks_insert_node(audio, audio_transport);

@@ 1367,7 1367,7 @@ static void jingle_send_transport_info(struct jingle_session *session, const cha

	if ((session->transport != JINGLE_TRANSPORT_GOOGLE_V1) && !res && session->vrtp) {
		if ((video = iks_new("content")) && (video_transport = iks_new("transport"))) {
			iks_insert_attrib(video, "creator", session->outgoing ? "initiator" : "responder");
			iks_insert_attrib(video, "creator", "initiator");
			iks_insert_attrib(video, "name", session->video_name);
			iks_insert_node(jingle, video);
			iks_insert_node(video, video_transport);