9641a83a6b449bfa6271aef87a7a0ece6da0192e — Christopher Vollick 2 years ago 51af79b
Rename Transport to Fingerprint

This code is looking for the wrong tag, which was leading to issues with
DTLS session initiation.

Thanks to mar-v-in in the Dino community for finding the problem!
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M channels/chan_motif.c
M channels/chan_motif.c => channels/chan_motif.c +1 -1
@@ 2260,7 2260,7 @@ static int jingle_interpret_ice_udp_transport(struct jingle_session *session, ik
		ice->set_authentication(rtp, ufrag, pwd);
	iks *fingerprint_node;
	if ((fingerprint_node = iks_find_with_attrib(transport, "transport", "xmlns", DTLS_NS))) {
	if ((fingerprint_node = iks_find_with_attrib(transport, "fingerprint", "xmlns", DTLS_NS))) {
		char *dtls_hash, *dtls_fingerprint, *dtls_setup;
		dtls_hash = iks_find_attrib(fingerprint_node, "hash");
		dtls_fingerprint = iks_cdata(fingerprint_node);